Your Purrfect Terms & Conditions

You need to …

As the owner, you should provide everything that your cat will need while you are away: food, water & litter, bedding, blankets & toys.

I recommend that you keep your cat in while under my care. If you must permit your cat to have free range of the outside, you should set up the cat flat yourself, accordingly. Outdoor cats will be fed, watered and litter provided, but if they are not present during my visit I will not be able to give him my personal attention.

Ensure proper and adequate Vet cover for your cat. Inform your Vet that your cat will be under my care and authorise with them that I may bring your cat to them, if necessary, any costs incurred to be billed to you directly.

Ensure adequate insurance for your property and possessions as I cannot be held liable for damage to them by your cat or by third parties while your cat is in my care.

Secure your home adequately before handing over to my care – close and lock windows and any internal doors you want secured, external doors and provide details of any procedures for alarms which may be triggered by my entry through the agreed external door or by my presence in your home.

Provide a second point of contact, a relative or nearby friend who may be contacted in the event of an emergency.

Contact me upon your return to confirm that your cat is back in your care. I will then consider the period of care to have finished.

Make full payment including any additional costs incurred upon your return.

Details gleaned from the free consultation will be used for future periods of care – inform me if any details have changed.

I will …

Absolute care will be taken of your cat. I cannot be held responsible for his illness, injury, disappearance or loss whilst in my care. You authorise me to take any necessary action in order to keep him protected and in good health, and agree to pay any costs incurred upon your return.

Medication to be taken orally by your cat or onto his skin/fur is something which I will happily administer.

Your personal information is kept confidential and safe. I will not pass on your information or personal data to other parties.

I can keep in touch while you’re away if that is something that you’d like, in a manner appropriate to you – email, text/phone or by social media where practicable.

In the unlikely event that I find myself locked out, in the first instance I will contact your second point of contact. If I am still unable to gain entry, in the interests of caring for your cat, I may employ a locksmith and you will be expected to reimburse all costs associated. Naturally, if the mistake is mine I will cover those costs. Be assured that I will use a reputable national firm.

Your key will be returned upon receipt of the balance when you return. Alternatively, I can keep hold of a spare key, which I keep in a safe and coded so as not to present your details with the key. The benefit here is that I can undertake repeat periods of care without the need to collect the key, perhaps make an emergency call if you find yourself delayed at work or if you were to lose your own key.

If you are delayed coming home, I will continue to make visits in the same pattern until you return and these will be charged at the regular rate. If you return early, no refund or part refund will be made.

I won’t …

I care for cats. Just cats. My service is not for other species of animal.

Injections are not something that I am qualified to give your cat.

I cannot be held liable for break-ins to or vandalism on your property, or building emergencies such as water leaks. I will make reasonable endeavours to ensure that your cat is safe and use your second contact to deal with the emergency.

Your cat …

Your cat will enjoy the full comforts, safety and security of his home. He must promise in advance to be well behaved when not directly supervised, to be good and take any medicine that needs to be given, keep off forbidden furniture and not tell fibs if he or one of his pals has done anything naughty while you are away.

He will be given my full attention while under my care, be fed, watered, loved and pampered just as if you had not gone away.

He will promise not to miss you … not too much, anyway. Enjoy your trip!

Contact …

 [email protected]
 07508 218393